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The Only Excuse For Mediocrity

I am mediocre.  In my own mind.  To many of my friends, I am awesome, amazing, strong, fit, multi-talented.  To myself I am average, more unskilled than skilled, just a guy doing his thing, trying to get better.

My goal however, is excellence.

Perhaps that is what separates me from the crowd.  I desire more, and am willing to do better for that.

Steve Jobs’ father used to build electronic cabinets.  Steve could not understand why he put so much effort into making the back of the cabinets so neat.

“No-one is going to see that!” he would say.

“But son, I know it’s there.”

That is the mindset of excellence.  Seeking perfection even if it won’t be appreciated by anyone else.  But to get to that state one must travel the road of mediocrity and learn along the way.

I like to build things in my shed.  I failed woodwork at school, but since I’ve found my love for building I’ve had to improve at it.  And the stuff I’ve made has been shit.  But I know it’s going to get better.  So I keep making shit, with the knowledge that I am improving every time, and soon I will be making great stuff.

The only excuse for mediocrity is to be on your way to excellence.


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  1. Oliver Maerk

    Right. The
    goal is alway to win is to become a better man, to improve your masculinity.

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  2. FlorianUlrich


    great blog post!

    I saw that you participated in the NoNothingNovember 2014 challenge, and I have put together a little booklet with everyone’s NNN 2014 blog posts. I thought to offer it as a download free of charge to the community. Would you be fine having your blog represented? Let me know. if you want, I can also send you a copy of the eBook draft.


    Best and thanks


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