If it wasn’t already obvious, this blog is not for successful men.  Those people need no help.  They have made it.  They had the parenting, the genes, the drive to succeed, and the motivation necessary to kick ass and take names in whatever they do.

This blog is for those guys who are unsatisfied with their lot, but have little idea how to get from A to C.  It’s for men who know they can be better, but are stuck with a raft of psychological burdens through the luck that life brought them.  They want to succeed, and badly, but trip over their own oversized clown feet.  They read successful men’s blogs and try the methods, but don’t often reap the bounty promised.

What is the problem with using another person’s methods for success?  If they are successful already, they perhaps don’t remember the entire process for becoming successful.  They remember well the methods they used halfway through their journey, when success was just around a dark foreboding corner.  But what about those systems they formed early on, when they were just starting their way?

Methods for success are dependent on where you are in your journey.  The mental methods and training I use now would be of no use to a beginner.  If I tried to tell myself ten years ago to do the things I do now to improve my mental state, my motivation levels, and the pure amount of work performed, I would look at myself in disbelief.  I can only do the things I do now because I started at the beginning.

What is at the beginning?  Head games.  Preparing yourself for doing the things you don’t want to do because they make you a better person.  Success comes from work, and in my case, laziness, fear and guilt were the enormous monsters blocking my path.  They all had to be dealt with severely, but it took a lot of time, and seriously, it’s a never-ending battle.  When you think you have them smashed up in the corner ready to die, they reappear with wounds healed like a psychological three-day-dead Jesus.  But they have shrunk over the years, and are no longer the show-stoppers they once were.

Success is a function of practice.  Keep on trying to be successful, whatever that definition may be.  After you’ve failed, you must pick yourself up off the concrete, slaughter the guilt that’s on your back, and try again.  It might take you an hour to do this, it might take you a month, or even a year.  But you come back and try again, and again, and again.  It will get easier, eventually.