Solitary canadian cowboy walking in the huge expanse between sea and desert


Real men love silence.


Man’s mind is like the desert.  Clean and clear.  A breath of thought breezes through on occasion.  The unknown is over the horizon, soon to be known.  Man does not worry.  Man breathes, and is silent.


Silence between two men is tremendously powerful.  Each man acknowledges his deep respect for the other through his silence.  There is no need to talk of trivialities which only waste energy, time and breath.  A man realises that to fill silence with shit is a terribly selfish and arrogant act.


The adolescent abhors silence.  It is scary.  It is scary because all self-honesty is found in silence.  In a moment of silence The Great Illusion, that you as an unaccomplished youth are worthy, is shattered.


A man however, feels the weight and power of his accomplishments.  He enjoys the satisfaction of achievement in his silence.  He feels fulfilled even as he finds the presence of his approaching death unsettling.  Words often serve only as a flimsy barrier to our knowledge of this impending doom.  In silence man cannot ignore it, but he has the power to sense the legacy that will continue in spite of it.


Silence and solitude are the media of mastery.  When there is no-one and no words, work flows.  Works done silently solo are immensely satisfying.  Time slows.  Minutiae grow.  Learning accelerates.  Experiments flourish.  When there is no-one and no words, there is nothing to excuse yourself to.  Anything goes.  Everything flows.


Women connect through their words, feelings and emotions.  Men connect through common work, few words and shared silence.  We are not women, but were raised by them. When young we feel the childlike need to fill silence with voices.  It’s time we learnt to be men.


Learn to love the silence.  It will show you it’s secrets.