Letters For My Sons

About Owl and the Bull

Life is a beautiful thing.  We are so lucky to be experiencing it, with all its happiness, joy, satisfactions and pain.  All of it is beautiful in its own way.

The most beautiful, and yet the most terrible part, is that we have to die.  It is beautiful because it forces us to take notice of life.  We have to be a part of life, whether we want to or not, and when we find death, we start to take notice.  Weirdly, I didn’t find death until I was blessed with new life: my sons.

Being a parent brings into stark relief one of the silliest results of evolution – my children have to learn my lessons all over again.  All the hard work I’ve put into learning about myself and the world will disappear when I die, as it did when my ancestors passed away.  There is no download button as yet directly into my kids’ brain from mine.

Thus I’ve made this blog.  I want you to know what I know.   Of course you won’t know it until you’ve experienced it… but there is a time and a place for all knowledge, and I hope that occasionally the right phrase will be there for you at the right time and the right place.

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